‘New Urbanists point the way forward’

April 22, 2008 at 9:12 am

Scott Spaulding electronically tapped me on the shoulder and pointed me to this great article on New Urbanism and why it’s having trouble finding an audience. Here’s a clip:

Perhaps the New Urbanists should cherish their outsider status. A gifted crew of architects and planners, they have changed the conversation about urban planning in the United States. They reject conventional postwar developers’ essentially quantitative, two-dimensional, single-use-oriented blueprints for residential subdivisions and office parks in favor of a qualitative, three-dimensional, mixed-use approach to designing neighborhoods and towns that generally involves reliance on traditional architectural styles. In many ways it’s a conservative approach to building communities, which probably accounts for its not being in fashion.

Read it now, leave comments if’n ya wanna, and I’ll come back later today with comments of my own.


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