Interview with the new DID president

June 5, 2008 at 10:30 pm

Be sure to read the column Kevin Leininger wrote after his interview with the new president of the Downtown Improvement District.

Lots of good sense coming from Richard Davis:

“I’m alert to the ‘Big Project’ syndrome, where the ‘titans’ decide what should be the thing to change the face of downtown. But success never depends on just a single project,” said Davis … .

Davis … will be looking for projects that may seem small — until you put them all together.

“You’ll see (the district) target the kinds of businesses we’d like to be here, like a pharmacy, and we’re putting data together to make that case (to would-be downtown businesses),” said Davis, who succeeded Dan Carmody, now head of Detroit’s Eastern Market. “We need to pay attention to how suburban amenities can fit in an urban format. We need to find a niche so downtown becomes a destination. You’d only find a place like Stoner’s (gift and novelties shop) downtown, and they were hurt by the closing of Harrison Street (to allow the expansion of the Grand Wayne Center).”

It’s nice to hear Davis talk about the little things that make a city more livable.

Read the column here.


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